''Suzie is an incredibly talented & inspirational art teacher. She has taught our daughter for the last 4.5 years and has not only helped her develop her talents to such a high level as to be awarded an art scholarship from The King’s School Canterbury, but she has also instilled in her an incredible passion and interest for all things art. We couldn’t recommend Suzie more highly. ''Mickey Pelling

During my time at Ashdown, Art was always a lesson that I enjoyed, despite not being the most creative and talented individual. When painting, sketching or sculpting clay in the workshop, there was always a positive atmosphere of pupils working hard to do their best at whatever project they were assigned to. Mrs Hennegrave was always there to both guide and give us different ideas as to how we can improve our designs translating into many Ashdown pupils benefiting greatly from her guidance and leadership and receiving numerous prizes at large art competitions in the process. During my time, many students received art scholarships to top secondary schools across the country and much of their success can be attributed to the time Mrs Hennegrave put in to helping and motivating her pupils. Ms Suzie Hennegrave is a great role model and teacher when it comes to her profession and everyone i know who has been taught be her has grown and discovered a passion for learning Art.” Dom

''Mrs. Hennegrave is an inspiring and dedicated art teacher.  She will always make time to help and support you no matter what you’re doing and provides lots of creative insight into your artwork. 

Alongside this, she will also push you out of your comfort zone when it comes to exploring new mediums, allowing you to develop skills in many different areas. 

I was so lucky to have her as a teacher and still use many of the techniques she taught me to this day! '' Chloe

'' Mrs Hennegrave is an amazing art teacher, she is so kind and helpful, her art is beautiful and she helps you in every way possible to ensure yours is to. Her kindness and passion of art really helped me and i am sure many others, improve and view art in a new light‘' Bea

At my last school, Mrs. Henngrave was my art teacher for nearly three years and at that time I have improved, grown and enjoyed art more than ever before.

Mrs. Henngrave is extremely supportive and will help if you need it but also makes you try and see what you could improve by yourself.

She enables us to work with a wide range of media and experiment freely or be guided with an idea.

She is very relaxed but knows how to hold a class very well.

I am so grateful I was able to have her as an art teacher for the best three years of my life! Zadie

Suzie Hennegrave was my daughter Zadie's art teacher for a few years at Ashdown House, a prep school in Forest Row that has sadly closed down recently. Suzie pushed her out of her comfort zone, but did it in a way that she responded well to, as she did it with encouragement, support and a sense of adventure. Suzie helped Zadie prepare a portfolio which helped her earn a scholarship to her current senior school.


Suzie has a warm personality and has always been very present and helpful in conversations and corespondence about Zadie and beyond. And our whole family loves her artwork! It's beautiful, dynamic and inspiring. I'm looking forward to taking some lessons with her myself; I went to art school and worked as an illustrator for a while, and have even sold many paintings, but Suzie has something magical going on that I'd love to witness and hopefully glean from. Larissa