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Enquiring about a course

If you have contacted us via the contact form and/or an email, we may retain your email address to contact you with future information on course dates and subjects. We will never share this information with any other company or third party.

Please advise ART HUB LEWES at any stage via if you do not wish to be included in our mailing list and/or if you would like your email address to be removed from our database.

Enrolment forms

When a pupil starts a course, we ask every parent, guardian or carer to fill out an enrolment form. This is essential so that we have a current contact telephone number in case of emergency. You can also provide an email address. If you do, we may retain your email details to contact you with future information on upcoming course dates and subjects as part of our regular newsletter which is sent out about six times a year, each half-term.

We retain these forms for our records but never share any information contained within them with independent marketing companies, any other company or third party. 

If your child ceases to attend Artroom and you wish for your enrolment form and details to be removed from our records, please inform us via

Activity Disclaimer

The parent/carer/guardian assumes full responsibility for any and all injuries, losses and damages incurred by their child while attending or participating in ART HUB LEWES activities. By signing their child up for an ART HUB LEWES activity they henceforth waive all claims against ART HUB LEWES and Suzanne Hennegrave for any and all injuries, claims or damages incurred.