Covid 19

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us during these difficult times.

During the after school clubs at the Lewes New School we will adhere strictly to the special Covid 19 terms and conditions of the hire of the hall.

The classrroms are large and the classes will be small, as we are only just starting out.  Social distancing will therefore be easy.

Sanitsation of the premises  will be meticuluos.  Visitors must not touch anything when entering and leaving the building and must sanitise their hands.

Teachers will wear masks but this is not a requirement for students.

Art materials will also be sanitised  but students may wish to bring their own paintbrushes and/or paints.  Teachers will hand out paint and other communal materials so that students do not need to touch these pots.

We will not be able to serve refeshments in the school at this time so students may wish to bring their own drinks and snacks.

It is important that if any student has been ill, displays signs of illness or has family members who have been/become ill, they do not attend the club.  If they become ill and have attended a class we must be informed as soon as possible so that other students in their lesson can be contacted.  If a club is missed, we will try to offer another future session, although this may not always be possible.

Guidelines for one-to-one lessons in my home studio/your own home will be similar and your requirements in regard to keeping safe from Covid can be discussed, on an individual basis, during the booking process.

There will be less to worry about during forest school art workshops but students should bring their own drinks and snacks and observe social distancing guidelines.

We thank you for your understanding.